Further Reading and Resources

Here are some suggestions for other related texts, books, or links:

Calgary Foundation’s Indigenous Ally Toolkit:

Canada: Hold police accountable for anti-Black racism | Amnesty International Canada – resources to support Black Lives Matters and links to anti-racist organizations in Canada

Racial Equity Tools http://racialequitytools.org

Bystander Intervention | American Friends Service Committee

Dismantling Racism Works website dRworksBook – Home

Pam Palmater’s youtube series on combatting racism:

(ongoing series)

Combatting Racism in Canada: Intro – YouTube

Combatting Racism in Canada: Pipelines – YouTube

Combatting Racism in Canada: Genocide – YouTube

Why We Need More Close Interracial Friendships (And Why We’re Bad At Them) | HuffPost Canada Relationships

A Concise History of Canada’s First Nations by Olive Patricia Dickason

First Nations 101 by Lynda Gray

The Sun Came Down: The History of the World as My Blackfoot Elders Told It by Percy Bullchild

I suggest reading as many Indigenous, Black, and racialized authors as you can! The Calgary Public Library has a great selection and if you look under the ‘Explore’ tab for ‘Indigenous’ you will find links to reading lists. Otherwise here are some ideas, in no particular order (disclaimer: I have not read as many as I should, so you’ll have to check them out for yourself!):

Jesse Thistle

Rosanna Deerchild

Terese Marie Mailhot

Tracey Lindberg

Katherena Vermette

Jordan Wheeler

Cherie Dimaline

Richard Wagamese

Drew Hayden Taylor

Wab Kinew

Waubgeshig Rice

Eden Robinson

Thompson Highway

Melanie Florence

Beatrice Mosionier

Catherine Knutsson

Mitiarjuk Nappaaluk

Thomas King

Marilyn Dumont

Joane Arnott

Louise Bernice Halfe

Janet Rogers

Leanne Betasamosake Simpson

David Groulx

Joshua Whitehead

Tanya Talag

Billy-Ray Belcourt

Bev Sellars

Wanda Kehewin

Michelle Sylliboy